Bachelor Thesis „Face to Face with Pepe“

pepe__0003_Layer-15 pepe__0002_Layer-14

Every parrot chatters, but this one can do so in different languages! Or rather it’s his job to support aspiring students in learning a new language.

To create such a character, to animate and restage him accordingly, was the core of Sarah Rozmarynowski’s Bachelor Thesis. It was up to her to re-define the mascot of „“, an online platform for language studies. And that’s „Pepe“.

Pepe provides tips and feedback for the students, slipping into many pop-culture-referenced roles to help with and loosen up the sometimes tiring and dull learning process. To be up to this task, Pepe had to be able to be animated. To keep the animation as simple and easy to re-useable as possible, Sarah set up a complete 2D-After Effects rig for her re-designed Pepe. It is now possible to stick the parrot into a variety of costumes by only a mouseclick. Also new animations can simply be made and re-made, ready-to-order. Time consuming effect rendering and simulations, like there would be in a 3D-approach, are no issue.
Be it as Gandalf or a cowboy, Pepe has found to new glory and will charm many a student on into a smile while studying.

We congratulate Sarah Rozmarynowski on her successfull Bachelor Thesis and wish her all the best in her career!