Bachelorthesis „Ematic“


In the seemingly peaceful forest a brutal battle is raging.Innovative, agile ants fight againts bodily superior, giant beetles. That wraps up the initial concept of Jeffrey Oehlert and Dominik Pott’s bachelor
thesis. But where they went with it, is an entirely different story.

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The siege on a micro-scale is depicted as a threedimensional still-frame, a frozen moment, that is shown dynamically from different perspectives and angles. The scene itself isn’t moving at all up until the final  shot, but through well-crafted cameramovement and thought-through compositions an entire dramatic arc is created without any animation on the characters.


Visually the short is on a very high level. The professionally modeled and richly detailed textured insects are surrounded by a nearly photo-realistic forest. By means of photogrammetry the graduates were able to collect data directly from a real-life forest and convert that data into stunningly realistic 3D-objects, using state of the art software like Autodesk’s Maya and Pixologic’s Zbrush.


The result is a breathtaking short, on which we congratulate Jeffrey Ohelert and Dominik Pott! We wish them all the best in their future careers!