FARO Focus3D S & Sony F5

Christmas is over and the new year is well on its way, time to unwrap the presents!
We are proud to now have a FARO Focus3D S lasersourroundscanner available to our students.


This little gadget scans its sourroundings with a laser and generates a topologized 3D datacluster, that can be translated into fully usable 3D models with the help of common 3D Software like Autodesk Maya or 3Ds Max. At the same time the visual patterns, such as textures and surfaces are registered. So that, if the data is correctly translated into a 3D model, it will be already textured. The model will not only mirror the architectural aspects of the sourrounding, but be a picture-perfect copy of the original, even in color.
Exactly this „translation“ from a mere cluster of 3D dataclouds into a fully representative 3D model is the task Prof. Timo Schnitt (3D Animation, Lightning, Rendering, Particles & Compositing) has begun to unravel. With his research it will soon be possible to use the FARO Focus3D S for student filmprojects. His focus is an effective and easy-to-learn pipeline to process the dataclusters into 3D Models using the facility-intern hard-and software. Soon , students will be able to scan their set or any area threedimensionally and directly translate it into a 3D model for further use, eg. as a digital set for 3D monster to destroy.



We also gained a new member in our highdefinition camera pool. Next to our Red ONE a brandnew Sony F5 is now ready to use for our students. Sony’s new pioneer model promises great options for highdefinition recording with its ability to record in breathtaking 2K and 4K RAW. But a special interest poses the option to capture in 2K 240fps. Instead of only having a small HD format for 120fps recordings (Red ONE), the Sony F5 can capture slow motion pictures in a resolution as high as 2K. There are a million more features, but these will be explored by our students.

We look forward to all the new and exciting projects 2014 will bring!