Looking back: Motion Cube 2013


The summer break is well over and the new semester has started. Many new faces began their Media Studies, along with them, a new Motion Cube is in the make. It will be the 3rd Motion Cube, the annual display of student work, highlight of the academic year and conference of the Media Study Bachelor’s Degree Course.


Looking back, it’s safe to label the Motion Cube 2013 a complete success. Filling two days, a conference sporting interesting as well as informative presentations crowned the month-long exhibition of student projects under the roof of the Atrium, Expo Plaza 2.


Whereas the current students put their skills on display in the Atrium, the auditorium hosted numerous presentations of past graduates. The conference schedule provided as much insight into the media industry of today, as it was a creative firework of digital art. In 2013 the programme had, for the first time, hands-on workshops to offer. Autodesk presented the new Modeling Kit 2014 hands-on and Maxon gave a practical presentation about their new line of programs with Cinema 4D R15 at the heart. In conclusion there’s to say, the Motion Cube 2013 isn’t really over at all: In the months to come a catalogue will be published, summing up a great deal of the programme 2013. And then again, the 3rd Motion Cube isn’t far off.


To bridge the time, the Motion Cube Team will keep the Motion Cube facebook page up-to-date. Furthermore, parts of the student work exhibition will be on display at the Comic Salon Erlangen and the FMX in Stuttgart.


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